Every September...

Every September I look forward to meeting the parents and guardians of my class at Open House. It is a great night to break the ice and place names with faces. Most importantly, I welcome the occasion to speak to my students' parents in one room at the same time, share my classroom policies & procedures and showcase their children's work.

Among other things, every open house I dedicate a portion of my presentation on the subject of snack. I usually preface it with how important breakfast is and to not make snack time their child's first meal of the day. A healthy snack is vital to a child's learning and concentration. I think it is safe to say that it is tough to focus on an empty stomach. By 9:30 in the morning, the students in my class are looking for something to eat. I recommend to parents that children have a 100 to 120 calorie snack that can be eaten within 10 minutes.

Empty calorie snacks that are high in sugar should be left at home. Sugary snacks, candy, soda, and sugary drinks are not allowed. Some great choices are a cup of blueberries, sliced cantaloupe, 30 cherry tomatoes, low salt gluten free popcorn, high fiber bars low in sugar, a hard boiled egg, sliced watermelon, an apple, 5-6 strawberries, sliced carrots, or 25 grapes are wonderful choices. Building a foundation of healthy eating habits will set your child up for nutritionally sound lifestyle as the grow older. Finally, remember to be sensitive to food allergies in the classroom and check in with your child's teacher about snacks that could cause a hazard to others. Happy snacking everyone!

Damien Corsetti
Bright Educator!

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